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Cat Eating Grass And Plants

Self-Medicating for some; Symptom of Upset for others

After much investigation this turns out to be a normal feline behavior. Examinations of stool from free-living cats showed that 10% contained grass. (Yes, there are people who hunt and study wild cat feces.) Pet kitties indulge at a rate of 49%. Vomiting occurs in 32% of adults but in only 2% of youngsters. Grass eating and puking are highly scientific.


There are plausible explanations. It is believed that feral cats eat plant material to induce vomiting and thus expel parasites. A sudden craving for vegetation may be a symptom of intestinal disturbance in a pet kitty-who is actually self-medicating. Other symptoms like lethargy, loss of appetite, or diarrhea would warrant a visit to the doctor.


For most, a little salad now and then is fine. Just be careful about your cat’s menu choices. You can find a list of poisonous house plants on the ASPCA Web site. The safest bet is a kitty herb garden, available at most pet supply stores.