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Cats Chewing Oxygen Hose

Better Alternatives + Aversive Consequences Work Best


How do I keep our cats from biting my husband’s oxygen hose and making holes in it?


Dr. Nichol:

The instinctive predatory nature of our cats, along with the need to stimulate the specialized nerves in their faces, could make chewing a soft plastic hose almost irresistible. Your little feline felons need a more compelling alternative. Ask the butcher for fresh beef or pork bones with tags of meat still attached. Softened rawhide chews are another feline favorite. Avoid poultry bones, please.


An aversive stimulus will also be important because a good cat can still go bad. You and your husband need to arm yourselves with cans of compressed air so you can startle your cats out of their evil intentions at the earliest sign of a hose hunt. Craftily laying in wait like a ninja warrior you will delight in the surprise attack. Don’t take the fall for this; stay silent and your cats will blame those nasty air cans. When the innocent looking kitties saunter back into the room later you can offer them the bone of your choice. Your cats will mend their evil ways. We hope.