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Struggling with out-of-control pet behavior?

It can make you crazy. With so many well meaning friends, trainers, and self-help books freely sharing advice you can get overwhelmed. Most pets are worth the effort of trying to fix problem behaviors but without competent help most attempts lead nowhere.

Pets should be well adjusted in their homes. As modern society puts increasing stresses on human lives the love and commitment from personal pets grows even more important. We pet owners live longer, healthier lives. Pets should be a pleasure. It’s important for you and your pet need to stay together.

I am trained and experienced in Veterinary Behavior Medicine.  You can read about your pet’s problem on my website or call for a consultation at 792-5131.

Some of the disorders we treat are complex; a few are relatively simple to manage. But only the rarest cases can be solved with medications alone. To win you and your pet will need a carefully tailored behavior modification plan.

To get the most help start with careful preparation. Keep of log of your pet’s behavior. Think back to when it started and try to describe each event accurately. If you can shoot video of 10-15 minutes of the events and body language leading up to the problem behavior you will really make a difference. Every detail helps.

My behavior services also include:

  • A complete explanation of your pet’s behavior.
  • Clear instructions on exactly what to do at home, along with answers to all of your questions.
  • Prescribing or recommending medications as needed.
  • Instructions e-mailed to you after our consultation.
  • Follow-up consultations as needed.
  • A full written report to your regular veterinarian.

I'll help you do whatever it takes.

All the Best,

Jeff Nichol, DVM
(505) 792-5131

* If you feel you have a serious emergency, and need help now, please contact my office directly!

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