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Silent Dog Whistles & Your Cat

Cats can hear them but, like most things canine, they lack dignity.


I would like to know if a silent dog whistle is blown around my cat, will it bother her?


Dr. Nichol:

It is likely that your cat will ignore the “silent” dog whistle. The fact is that they aren’t silent-to dogs, nor to cats for that matter. The reason they hear the whistle and we inferior humans cannot is that these two species can detect higher pitched sounds than we can. What’s nice about this type of whistle is that if you train your dog to come to you when you blow it you can retrieve him without yelling or making other noise that might disturb other people. This means that when you use it, other dogs and cats will hear the sound as well. But like most noise we all hear everyday, the majority of it is meaningless unless one is conditioned to respond. Thus your cat will view this high pitched whistle as another of life’s little mysteries to be pondered while waiting for the next lame mouse to hobble by. If your cat is the fussy type she will make an annoyed cat face and tolerate more human absurdity like so much else. But don’t expect her to come running and panting after you like a dog. She has far too much dignity for that. And why should she anyway. You’re only human.