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The following questions and answers have appeared in my weekly column in the Albuquerque Journal since July, 1996. Each week a new one is added. You'll find information on the physical and behavioral maladies of dogs and cats and a few other species too. I invite you to use the search feature to find the specific answer that you and your pet need.

Keep pets safe and monitor air quality

Question: Several people (not veterinarians!) have suggested that it isn’t safe to walk my 11-year-old Boston Terriers in Albuquerque this summer – or even keep them in New Mexico at all – because these brachycephalic dogs are so susceptible to breathing difficulties caused by ash and other particles in the air from the wildfires. They…

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Cat Angry, Losing Weight after Moving in With Mom’s Cats

Cats fighting

Reduce the anxiety, improve the home environment Question: I took in a stray kitten back in August, 2012 after being tased and thrown out by a neighbor. Baby Girl isn’t friendly toward visitors. Now we have moved in with my mom and her two cats. Baby Girl spits at my mom’s female cat. She’s been…

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Fireworks Fear

Comfort Scared Pets with Good Management Startled by earsplitting blasts, many otherwise stable pets will endure almost continual panic this weekend. Scared dogs may hide, tremble, drool, cry or howl, and even urine soil, vomit or pass diarrhea. Many get clingy but some escape the home and risk getting hit in the road. A freaked-out…

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Lick Wounds = Serious Problems

Chronic Nausea is Most Common Cause Question: My dog recently had a lick granulomas removed by laser. He was placed in an Elizabeth (cone) collar. When I take off the collar for him to eat he stops eating to lick the wounds. I have tried to take off the collar and dress the wounds with…

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Spayed Cat Comes into Heat

An Ovarian Remnant May Be Lurking Question: Pepper, aka Ms. Incorrigible, was a newly spayed rescue. After 6 weeks, she went into heat behavior. A second spaying procedure found 25% of an ovary which was removed. 9 months later she displayed the same behavior-insisting on getting out at night, vocalizing, climbing screens, etc. Of course…

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Stool Eating Dog

Prevention & Recall is Best Question: Our dachshund, Scooter, is 16 months old.  We have 2 older dogs, as well. Problem is, Scooter likes to eat their poop.  We’ve tried giving the older dogs supplements, spraying the poop with distasteful things and we keep it picked up.   Dr. Nichol: This is a truly revolting…

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Thin Active Young Dog

Rule out Birth Defects before relying on Diet to Add Weight Question: I have an eleven month old Malinois and a year old Pomeranian, both neutered males. I know that breeds are different, but my pom seems to be a healthy body size and weight, and my Malinois is very, very skinny.  I can see…

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One Scared Cat, One Feline Bully

Great Ways to Reduce the Stress Question: I have a 5 year old female cat (Mimi) we adopted 4 years ago. She hid under a bed for 6 months. Then we rescued another cat Mabel. Then Mimi was hiding under our couch, would not let anyone touch her, and was defecating and urinating outside the…

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Night Waking in Elderly Dog

Dementia can be Treated Question: We are having a big problem with our Pekapoo. He is 15 1/2 and seems to be hyperactive at night due to Sundowning Syndrome where he very restless. He is going out 3-4 times per night. We have him in a calming vest, have given him Rescue Remedy and a…

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